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The Victorian Sweatshop

The Victorian Sweatshop is a traveling museum that puts on display our collection of genuine Victorian Sewing machines.

The Victorian Sweatshop performs live working demonstrations of over a dozen rare and wonderful sewing machines in use.  We explain how this invention changed the world as we know it and why these 100+ year old machines are so important to preserve,

Who we are:

The Victorian Sweatshop is a privetely owned collection of machines dating primarily from 1901 and earlier.  We do not collect these machines for their monetary value but rather for their historical and engineering significance.  When many of our machine are acquired, they are solid with rust and neglect, but with knowledge and appreciation for their history, we restore them to working order as "sympathetically" as possible.

Some of the manufacturers machines we have available for our shows

Elias Howe
Wheeler & Wilson
Grover & Baker
Frister & Rossmann
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