Mission Statement:

Through research and experimentation using historically proven armor designs and adapting those designs to take advantage of advanced materials and techniques of manufacture we develop personal body armor which fulfills the complete role of wound prevention and true soldier preservation.

Founding Concepts:

The Crimson Forge Foundation is dedicated to the concept that the knowledge of how to effectively articulate armor to protect the human body, which was developed by our ancestors through hundreds of years of evolutionary processes developed under field use, can be applied to modern defensive needs, using advanced materials.


The nature of combat in the modern era is such that conflict on the personal melee level is becoming more and more prevalent. The modern soldier is not properly armored to withstand engagements of this type. At the core of this is modern armor manufacturer’s inability to produce effective personal protection armor for the extremities of the human body in a manner which is not prohibitively cumbersome and sufficiently mobile.


Modern soldiers should not have to choose between defense and mobility.


Today our soldiers and police are increasingly being exposed to many of the same personal combative scenarios our ancestors faced, but are in fact less protected against them.


The craftsmen at Crimson Forge have been studying and replicating historical armor and armoring techniques for more than 20 years.  Crimson Forge has produced armor which, despite being made with historically available materials, has been tested to withstand full force direct impacts with blunt trauma and edged weapons.  It has also demonstrated the ability to prevent penetration of primitive ballistic weapons with no significant damage to the underlying tissues.   By adapting this proven and effective historical engineering to use modern materials and manufacturing opportunities, we are able to add defense against shrapnel and small arms fire, while reducing weight significantly over currently available armor, and provide full body protection to the subject.