Steven Heeter

Steve has been interested how things work since he was a small boy growing up in Western New York.  His first project was a 1956 Chevy parked "out in the weeds" that his Grandpa Oscar told him he could drive if he could make it run... He was 11.  

Steve moved with his family to California and his interest in metalworking began as a student at Branham High School in San Jose in a Jewelry Class taught by Mr. Tony Ornelas.  

While pursuing a professional career in the IT industry, Steve discovered the medieval re-enactment organization the Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA) where he discovered he could learn how to make armor.  In 1997, after studying under Master Drew Fortesque for 18 months he was introduced to Tom Huguenin, the person who had taught Master Drew.   Steve has been making armor every day since.  He has open Armor Training in his shop on Thursday nights as he has for 10 years. 

Steve was motivated to start Crimson Forge Armor Foundation when his fiancée Heather's son Raymond came back form Iraq after his first tour.  The discussions that they had about the casualties and wounds received made Steve realize that soldiers 700 years ago were better armored against what they faced on the battlefield than modern soldiers are today....

Tom Huguenin

Tom has been interested in metal work for as long as he can remember.  His first hands on experience was in a high school metal shop class and his curiosity and drive to learn more has never stopped.  Over the years metal work has been both a hobby and a career for Tom. 


Tom's professional resume includes more than two decades of working in metal including a wide variety of welding and fabrication that range from structural and pipe welding to custom motorcycle frames


Over the years Tom discovered that his real passion for metal working has been medieval armor.


In the late 1980's Tom started All Saints Armoury which was a full time occupation for over 10 years.  Tom has wound down his production work, but still makes some of the finest armor as well as continuing his tradition of giving back by teaching his craft in his shop.


In his free time Tom makes jewelry, mostly in silver, and works on expanding his blacksmithing skills. 

Tom currently works full time doing top end custom ornamental iron work.

Heather Donoho

Ian Kaminski

Kevin Anderson